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DECEMBER 20, 2021 | Daphne Blake

Some Pros and Cons of Offering Online Restaurant Delivery Service 

In this fast-paced life, people have almost no time to wait for food while sitting in restaurants. They want to utilize every day of their lives and every hour of their days in making efforts to achieve their goals. Consumers want convenience and celerity in all aspects of their lives, including food. This is why, even before the outburst of the COVID-19, the on-demand economy sparked by Uber, Netflix, and Amazon Prime had already started its spread to the restaurant industry. And since the COVID, almost every eatery has started jumping on the restaurant delivery service bandwagon.  

Furthermore, in the new post-COVID world, that demand for food convenience has increased by necessity (I.e., shelter-in-place orders). And to make this service available to customers, every restaurant is either relying on a third-party food delivery service or creating its own order management system. There are many advantages for the restaurants to offer this service, which we will discuss in the latter part of this article along with some problems this type of foodservice has. We’re enlisting all the factors for you, so you can decide whether or not becoming a restaurant with a delivery service is the right decision or not. 

Benefits of the Order Management System for Restaurant: 

Here are some of the pros of having an online order management system for your restaurant,  

Increased Sales: 

Delivery service allows customers to order their favorite comfort food from the couch while bingeing the latest Netflix show. With this service, the food will be delivered to their front door which is great. This convenience attracts many different types of customers, not just millennials to the restaurants.   Parents who can’t find time for cooking can utilize food delivery and feed the whole family without turning on the oven. The convenience offered by delivery services creates a great appeal and as a result, the sales of the restaurant increase by many folds.

Healthier Delivery Options: 

Online ordering system provides customers with plenty of choices. Now customers can order food in accordance with their taste; they can choose the ingredients they want to add and the quantity of those ingredients. They can inform restaurants about the things they are allergic to which helps restaurants deliver healthy food. Because of this customization, customers become more satisfied with the service and as a result, it improves the business of the restaurant. 

Avoid Weather Delays: 

Severe weather conditions are devastating to a restaurant’s bottom line. In harsh weather, customers stay cooped up indoors to avoid the elements, and restaurants remain emptier than usual. The advent of online delivery services has allowed restaurants and customers to connect even when the weather is not permitting. Restaurants can field steady business and customers can remain fed always. Furthermore, because of this service, everyone stays dry, except the delivery driver. 

Cons of Restaurant Delivery Service: 

Here are some of the cons of using an order management system for restaurant,  

Wait Times: 

Ordering from online delivery services is not a quick operation from the customer’s point of view. Hungary customers in search of quick food should probably make the trip to the venue themselves rather than ordering food from delivery services.  

The prolonged wait times for online food delivery are usually associated with traffic jams, unfavorable weather conditions, heavy orders of restaurants, and the complexity of the customer’s order. Customers often don’t like these delays and this doesn’t go in the favor of the restaurants' sales. 

Killing the Vibe: 

Have visited an empty restaurant ever? If not, let me tell you that it’s a strange environment when dining alone or with only a few other customers. Part of the allure of many restaurants is the atmosphere and ambiance they offer along with delicious food. People sometimes have time to grill a steak or cook a pizza at home, but they love the vibe some restaurants offer.   Every online food delivery order equates to one less customer physically dining in the restaurant. While online ordering can generate a somewhat equal number of sales, it kills the spot’s vibe and eats away at a restaurant’s social capital. 

More Expensive: 

In addition to the cost of the food, customers are usually subjected to delivery fees when ordering through an online restaurant delivery service. These charges can include a booking fee, busy area fees, and even a tip for the delivery driver. Although this fee is not really a very big amount, yet it is more than the original price of the food. Despite all these issues, customers still prefer to order online because this method is a lot more convenient. If you need an order management service for your restaurant’s online delivery, choose Call2Menu. This is because they are the best in this business.