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DECEMBER 27, 2021 | Daphne Blake

How You Can Boost Your Restaurant Delivery Sales Rapidly 

The trend of food delivery and the rise in off-premise dining are changing the foodservice industry. What was once considered a novel concept, practiced by only pizza venues and the most tech-savvy of establishments, has now become a standard. Therefore, more and more restaurants are adapting to the landscape. And those who aren’t yet offering delivery or off-premise dining options are lagging behind. So, they must grapple with the reality that eventually, they could be a dying minority. And they can only compete with the rest of the industry if they offer restaurant delivery service.

When it comes to delivery, there are two options that restaurants usually have. They can either have an in-house order management system or they can outsource the delivery part to a service provider. Both of these options have their own pros and cons. Whatever method you may use, one thing is sure; your sales will improve. This blog post will walk you through tips that, if you follow, will help you increase your restaurant’s delivery sales. 

Tips to Attract More Customers and Increase Your Restaurant Delivery Sales: 

The following are the tips that, if you follow, can provide a great boost to your restaurant sales, 

Attract new Customers with free Delivery Promos for minimum Order Values: 

This is a very simple yet effective way you can use to improve your online food sales. Offering your clients free delivery for minimum order values will definitely help you increase their cart value. For instance, Mike takes a look at your restaurant menu and decides to buy a medium pizza, worth $8.99. Then, he sees your free delivery promo for orders above $11, so he decides to add two can of cokes to the menu. He does so to achieve the minimum cart value necessary to benefit from the free delivery promo. It’s a very useful method to persuade customers into buying more.

Use social media Platform to Increase Your Delivery Sales: 

You might already be using social media platforms to tempt your customers with your delicious dishes and that is great. In this world of digitalization, when you want to know how to increase foot traffic in a restaurant, look no further than platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can use these platforms to launch creative restaurant marketing strategies to grow your delivery orders. When devising a marketing strategy, you must consider the following parameters,

  • Your food delivery radius. 
  • Whether you charge a delivery fee or not. 
  • Delivery service and the service of an order management system that you partner with. 
  • How long does it typically take for a delivery order to reach the customer? 
  • Specials that apply only to delivery orders. 
  • Order management experience with your partner 

You can use visuals on your social media pages to attract the attention of more customers and share an image of a delivery driver heading out the door. You can also post attractive images of packaged food ready for delivery and photos of happy customers enjoying their food. 

Have a Simple to Use online ordering form and easy to understand Menu: 

Firstly, you must have a simple and easy-to-understand menu because confusing menus can cause a decline in your sales. All items on your menu must be described with ingredients that will be added to them. This information will help people in deciding which dish suits their taste. Furthermore, if your restaurant has a website or your ordering is outsourced to a third party, you should add an online order form. This is because customers need a convenient way to place delivery orders. So, an online ordering system will improve your online sales to many folds because most of today’s customers think of phone calls as an inconvenience.

Online ordering is easier; all they need to do is select the food they want to enjoy and complete a simple checkout form. Customers can use the online ordering system even when they cannot make a phone call, like, for instance, when they are in loud environments, on the bus, at work, etc. Online order is a mistake-proof option because it has no room for misunderstandings of food orders that frequently happen over the phone. All these things usually result in the upswing of online sales of a restaurant  

Create Special Offers for Special Events: 

At special events, people prefer to buy their food through restaurant delivery. And if you give special offers to them during these times, more and more customers will be interested in buying from you. Also, you can cook special dishes on special occasions to attract more customers and increase your sales. All these things can improve the order management experience of your restaurant. If you want to outsource the task of order management, Call2Menu is the best option because of its best service at a very economical price.